Marketing Services for the Third Sector

We create marketing plans for small businesses & third sector organisations who want to build their own empires, or just adapt to the fast changing world we're in.

But we won't just make you look good. We're driven to make it work for you & help you generate new income streams.

We can look at your whole business, your services and infrastructure to help work out what it is that's so special about you. What we need to tell the world about. This is often missed.

We can develop your identity, your core message and how best to get the attention of your customers.

Plus, we have a whole range of clever tricks and whirly-gigs up our sleeves to get you up and running and competing with the very best. It's what makes us special!

Please take a few moments to click on each of the tools below and get in touch if you'd like to know more. We'd love to look after you too.

  • Web Sites

    There are a vast array of web services on the market and it's often difficult to know which company to choose from.

    We've made it easy for you. You can have an ickle site just like this one with your own design, all the functionality and special features within a week. It includes:

    Your own professionally designed site so you look great, and credible.
    Full control of the site so you can add and amend content.
    Unlimited professional email addresses set up for you.
    Enquiry form.
    Google map with your location.
    Google Analytics integration so you can see how many visitors you've had and where they came from. 

    Plus, you get a FREE local Teletracker number to forward to your office, home or mobile to add to your credibility and so you never miss a call again!

    A sample of larger sites created by us include,,, and (telecom controls).

  • Social Media

    There's an awful lot of confusion on the net about the use of social media as an effective business tool. There are rules, dos & don'ts and protocols to be aware of, developed mostly by purists who have little time for much else.

    The truth is that social media is just another tool, a fantastic tool if used correctly, to communicate your message to the wider world.

    You do it in a very different way though, a gentler, less direct way to build up contacts, collaborations and of course, sales. 

    It can be a lengthy learning process but once you engage and 'get your head around it', it can bring you excellent returns for your investment of time.

    If you need help, we can get an effective social media plan going for you to later hand over. We'll short cut you through all the secret tips & hints too.

  • Web Marketing

    Having a great web site is one thing, but getting it to be found by your potential customers on Google and other areas of the internet is something completely different.

    Please don't believe all the internet hype about 1st place on Google. The only people that can guarantee that is Google itself. We don't make vast sweeping promises like this, but what we will say is that we're good at marketing on the web and can prove it.

    We can implement your e-marketing plan based on your budget and make sure that everything is in place that should be. Optimising your web site for search engines is an on-going process but is something you can learn. We'll gladly help you take over the campaigns we set up, or we can continue doing it for you if you prefer. You decide.

  • Teletracker

    Teletracker is an online telecom system of local or non-geographic phone numbers to help you measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

    If you're advertising locally, you may get a better response if you add a local phone number to it. Teletracker then measures how many calls are generated from that advert(s), the time of day, days of the week, the caller's location and how long the call lasted.

    There are non-geographic numbers too, so if you want a national 0800 freefone number or low cost 0844 number (with no call forwarding costs), we have them all.

    Teletracker also tells you how many calls you answered, missed, received a busy tone or were sent to Voicemail. The missed call alerts give you instant email notifications of problems so you can quickly change the routing or add additional phones in to also receive calls so you never miss a sales enquiry again. It is a very effective sales aid.

    The online control panel for Teletracker can be found at which can be accessed 24/7.

  • Email Campaigns

    We can help you develop a database of customer types for you to stay in touch with on a regular basis via email newsletters.
    We'll set the system for you, show you how to use it and help launch your first campaign.

    You'll receive lots of information about how many people have opened your email to read it, how many click through to your web site and how to improve your email campaigns in the future. We also help keep you legally compliant too.

  • Virtual Office

    We can provide you with numerous virtual office services to help you trade with complete credibility. This includes:
    - Business mailing addresses - rather than use your home
    - Local Teletracker number - you answer your own calls
    - Telephone answering - in your company name
    - Admin support - keeping you in front of customers

    Our virtual office services are all about presenting you as a credible, professional business but without the costs of renting a real office.

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